The Adventure Begins.

This winter, Hannah and I will be living and working aboard the Matson Manoa, an 860-foot containership, traveling between the ports of Oakland, Honolulu and Seattle.¬†Yesterday, we flew cross country from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, where we made the short journey to Oakland to meet our ship. After some confusion trying to enter the port, we successfully made it onboard and were assigned staterooms. Our rooms are spacious and comfortable, complete with mini-fridges and televisions! We soon met a deck cadet who gave us a tour of the ship, introducing us to the captain, chief engineer, and chief mate. Everyone we met was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The highlight of the tour was the ship’s engine room, centered around the massive, twelve-cylinder diesel engine. The ship’s engine is the largest ever built in the United States.

The Manoa's massive diesel engine.
The Manoa’s massive diesel engine.

We also saw some of the ship’s cargo equipment. The ship often carries unique cargo to and from Hawaii. Recently, the ship transported hundreds of live cattle from Hawaii to California in special containers. The captain told us that Hawaii is actually one of the largest exporters of cattle in the country. After a delicious dinner, we got some rest to prepare for our first day of work the next morning.

Stay tuned for our next post from Honolulu!

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