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Today, I spent the day keeping up with Hannah, a seasoned triathlete, as we biked nearly 25 miles through the city of San Francisco. Biking is the perfect way to see the city of San Francisco, as it is an extremely bike-friendly city, with an extensive park system and a gargantuan network of bike paths.

Our route through the city
Our route through the city, shown in red

It was a perfect day for biking. The weather was cool and cloudy, but there was great visibility.

We began downtown, where we rented bikes early in the morning and set out to explore the city. We started by riding along San Francisco’s extensive waterfront, past the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. We rode through the ground of Fort Mason, where we stopped to take photos of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge at a scenic overlook. Along the way, we also stopped to walk around the Palace of Fine Arts, an incredible Greco-Roman structure in the heart of the city. We were amazed by the sheer scale and beauty of the building.

After about 4 miles, we reached Crissy Field, a bayside park with an incredible view of the bridge. We were surprised to see people surfing on waves breaking at the base of the bridge! After a steep climb, we rode across the bridge to the other side, and took in amazing views of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean.


After crossing back to the San Francisco side of the bridge, we rode around the Presidio, one of San Francisco’s many parks. We stopped to enjoy some scenic overlooks atop cliffs along the Pacific coast of San Francisco. We continued through the city’s Richmond District to Golden Gate Park, a massive green space stretching from the heart of the city to the Pacific Ocean. We explored the park and its many attractions, including a tulip garden complete with a full-scale replica of a Dutch windmill.

After enjoying a picnic lunch at the beach, we ventured back through Golden Gate Park and into the city, where we headed back for the bike shop. However, the route we chose happened to take us along a busy city street over one of the tallest and steepest hills in the city. After finally managing to get over the hill, we rode back along the waterfront and returned the bike. To celebrate our ride, we enjoyed some handmade French truffles at a chocolatier next door to the bike shop, and made our way back to the ship.


Looking down the hill
Looking down the hill

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  1. Bonnie Hurley
    January 31

    Made me want to be biking San Fran. Keep up the good work and blogging!

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