The Beginning of the End

This Saturday marked the beginning of our last round trip of our sea term.  It seems impossible that our time at sea is already drawing to a close. The experience has been truly unforgettable. One of the things that we have been most thankful for during our time on ship is the hospitality of our friends on the West Coast. Our last visits to Seattle and San Francisco were no exception.

On Saturday, during a short stopover in Seattle, we went to breakfast and caught up with Webb alumni Sam and Doug (Classes of 2013 and 2012, respectively), reminiscing about our time at Webb and hearing about the amazing things that we have to look forward to after graduation. The weather in Seattle was characteristically rainy, but the sun eventually managed to shine through and made for a nice day.

After quite a bumpy 40-hour journey down the coast, we made it to Oakland, where Matt (Class of 2014) picked us up at the ship and took us to the Alameda home of 7 Webbies who are all working in the Bay Area for winter work. Including Hannah, Matt, and me, we had more than 10% of the Webb student body there!  We had dinner and listened to stories about our friends’ experiences in shipyards and design offices throughout the area. We couldn’t resist taking a group photo!

All 11 of us! (Tyler, Chris, Alex, Taylor, Cody, Dylan, Zach, Matt, Hannah and I)
All 10 of us!
(Tyler, Chris, Alex, Taylor, Cody, Dylan, Zach, Matt, Hannah and I)


This morning, we ventured into the city of San Francisco for the last time. We took the train into the city and made our way to the Legion of Honor, a museum of European Art housed in an amazing Greco-Roman structure in one of the city’s many parks. The museum’s view of the ocean, bay, and city skyline was almost as impressive as the art inside. The small museum houses a variety of fine art, including sculptures, paintings, and furniture. We particularly enjoyed the museum’s collection of paintings by Monet. After spending the morning at the museum, we journeyed back into the heart of the city, where we ate a delicious lunch at a cafe in Little Italy and wandered around downtown before heading back to the ship.

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