The End.

This morning, we debarked the Manoa for the final time, marking the end of our time on board. Over the past two months, our 860-foot floating home has taken us more than 25,000 miles, making four round trip journeys from the West Coast to Hawaii. In our short time on board, we’ve had more amazing experiences than we can count.

In Hawaii, we kayaked with sea turtles, swam beneath a jungle waterfall, walked along world-renowned beaches, and visited the memorial at Pearl Harbor. In Seattle, we explored the vibrant Pike Place Market, took in the amazing Chihuly Glass Museum, and visited friends in the city. In San Francisco, we strolled along the world-famous waterfront, visited the Legion of Honor art museum, biked across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and spent time with our friends in the Bay Area.

Our experiences at sea were equally as memorable. We climbed and crawled through every corner and crevice of our ship, and learned what it means to live on the ocean. We saw the impact that the design of a vessel can have on the lives of those who live on board, and gained a new appreciation for our field.  We learned how to sleep in a room that rolls twenty degrees, how to repair a broken butterfly valve, how to manually start a 40,000 horsepower engine, and even how to barbecue on the deck of a ship in rough weather. We experienced the wonders of the night sky more than a thousand miles from the nearest source of light.

We are truly humbled by the kindness shown to us by the crew of the Manoa. They welcomed us on to their ship and never grew tired of our seemingly endless barrage of questions. Thanks to them, we learned more than we thought possible in such a short amount of time. We would like to especially thank the chief engineer, Howard; the first engineer, Harry; the second engineer; Adam, the third engineer, Michael; the junior engineer, Guy; the chief mate, Dianna, and Captain Webster.

We would also like to thank everyone who made our incredible winter possible: Josie, Prof. Werner, Dean Neilson, the Webbies in Alameda (Matt, Satchel, Alex, Chris, Dylan, Zach, Cody, Tyler, and Taylor), the Webbies in Seattle (Cody, Andrew, and Mike), Webb Alumni Sam and Doug, and the Matson Navigation Company.

After two planes, five busses, a train, a lifeboat, a kayak, a U-Haul truck, more taxis than I care to count, and one very big boat, our journey of a lifetime has finally come to an end.


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